Rooted on our family farm in Sonoma County, California, 8 Days creates botanical self-care products to enhance your everyday life. Our mood-enhancing products are infused with fresh botanicals direct from our farm that help you feel your best, 8 Days a week.


Responsible to the Planet

Our choices are more than just a marketing story, we are fully committed to the “do no harm” practice.  We never test on animals, and use 100% vegan ingredients. From our reusable glass packaging, to our electric delivery car, we are thoughtful of Mother Earth in each and every choice.

Farm-Direct + Organic Ingredients 

Peel back any conventional label far enough, and you’ll see that it has lost its connection to what really nourishes us – whole plants and freshly harvested ingredients. 8 Days incorporates fresh botanicals directly from our organic farm into every one of our products. When not sourcing our ingredients directly from our farm, we source only the highest quality, certified organic ingredients from other small batch farms and producers. Slow extraction methods and a transparent supply chain means food-grade products you can trust. 

The Science of Scent 

The studies are in and there is a physiological benefit rooted in the direct connection between smell and emotion. When you inhale a pleasing scent it has the potential to activate different physiological and behavioral responses. In short, your moods, behaviors, and thoughts can be affected by different scents. All of our products are consciously scented using only essential oils, live resins, absolutes, and CO2s- and NO synthetic fragrance.